Hans Maršálek Prize

Presentation of Hans Maršálek Awards

For the second time, Mauthausen Committee Austria (MKÖ) and the Austrian Association of Mauthausen Survivors (ÖLM) bestowed the Hans Maršálek Awards in memory of this concentration camp survivor and eyewitness. Of 22 submitted domestic and foreign projects, four winning projects were honored on 7 June 2018 in Palais Epstein in Vienna.

Hans Maršálek Awards

The winning projects in the competition for the Hans Maršálek Awards were honored in Palais Epstein on 7 June 2018. The Award commemorates its namesake, concentration camp survivor and eyewitness Hans Maršálek.

“Hans Maršálek dedicated his life to researching and documenting the history of concentration camp Mauthausen and its satellite camps,” emphasizes the head of ÖLM Dr. Irmgard Aschbauer, “and he never tired of warning of the dangers of nationalism, racism, discrimination and intolerance.”

“The winning projects that were honored include successful work on memorials and consciousness building. These projects reflect the work of initiatives in the network of Mauthausen Committee Austria. The projects involve youth, innovation and civil courage, which were important to Hans Maršálek,” says MKÖ head Willi Mernyi.

Twenty two domestic and foreign projects had been submitted. From this field, a jury process selected the following winners:

First place: “Researching and remembering: sites of Nazi crimes in the final phase of WWII in today’s Burgenland”, by RE.F.U.G.I.U.S., the Rechnitz Refugee and Memorial Initiative (www.refugius.at)
Second place: “zum: verGehen-erinnern” (on, by Catholic Youth of Upper Austria, Region Ennstal (https://friedensprojekt.wordpress.com)
Third place: „das ANDERE heimatmuseum: kunst und gedenken-gedenk/kunst“ (a different kind of museum of local history: art and memorial art), Lind Palace in Styria (http://www.schlosslind.at)
Honorary award: “Charlotte Taitl: a few steps toward death”, by Gymnasium Ried/Innkreis

The Austrian Mauthausen Committee Austria and the Austrian Camp Community Mauthausen will be awarding the Hans Maršálek Prize for excellence in memorial, remembrance and awareness work.

The 19th July 2014 would have been the 100th birthday of Dr. Hans Maršálek, a man who – even three years after his death – remains the most prominent academic on Mauthausen concentration camp and its roughly 50 sub-camps.

To commemorate this occasion the Austrian Camp Community Mauthausen and its successor organisation the Austrian Mauthausen Committee have created the Hans Maršálek prize for outstanding achievements in the area of memorial, remembrance and awareness work.

The group of potential prize recipients is broad to reflect the broad interpretation that Hans Maršálek himself had of such work. Projects that could be considered for the prize include academic works, as well as initiatives in the field of youth and adult education, or initiatives that have been carried out in order to locally anchor the topics of National Socialism, concentrations camps, (anti-)racism and the strengthening of democracy. The prize can only be awarded to projects that have already been carried out and is not to be considered funding for future projects. The prize is not only for Austrian applicants, rather international projects and persons are expressly encouraged to apply, again in keeping with the work and person of Hans Maršálek.

All submissions will be considered by a nine-person jury, including representatives from the Comité International de Mauthausen and young people. People are welcome to nominate themselves and their own initiatives, or as a third person.
The award comes with a € 5000 prize money. The deadline for submissions for the inaugural Hans Maršálek Prize is 31st October 2014. The prize will then be awarded in Spring 2015 at an awards ceremony.

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