Several sub-camps of Mauthausen concentration camp were built within the modern state of Styria. The first sub-camps was built as early as 1941 for the use of various SS-owned businesses and from 1943 more were built in places with links to the armaments industry.

The Sub-camps of Mauthausen (in chronological order)

  • Bretstein
    Peak number of prisoners: 80, Construction and agriculture, Founded: 1941
  • Schloss Lind
    Peak number of prisoners: 20, Agriculture, Founded: 1942
  • St. Lambrecht (Men's camp)
    Peak number of prisoners: 80, Agriculture and construction, Founded: 1942
  • Eisenerz
    Peak number of prisoners: 400, Ore mining, Founded: 1943
  • St. Lambrecht (Women's Camp)
    Peak number of prisoners: 23, Agriculture, Founded: 1943
  • Schloss Lannach (Women's Camp; Sub-commando of Schloss Mittersill)
    Peak number of prisoners: 9, Cleaning work, Founded: 1944
  • Leibnitz
    Peak number of prisoners: 655, Shaft construction and armaments production, Founded: 1944
  • Peggau
    Peak number of prisoners: 900, Shaft construction and armaments production, Founded: 1944

Local groups

  • Schloss Lind – An Alternative Museum of Local History
    The Alternative Museum of Local History was founded in 1996 in Aramis. From the very beginning, a wide group of people from a pool of friends and acquaintances have been able to offer diverse a resource of skills and contributions. The aim is to use a series of associative installation and theatrical, as well as musical activities and intervention to present Austria's more recent history in a new and engaging way. Readings and symposia further add to the programme. Under the title "Remembered Wounds" there are annual events that aim to involve the audience in more involved and immersive way. Under the title "Identities in the Alpine Lands" a series of special exhibitions have been shown, accompanied by pamphlets and printed materials.
  • Organisation Sub-camp Bretstein
    Founded in February 2004, the organisation is dedicated to the maintenance of the site of the former camp and the memorial that can be found there. They also work together with Frank Stuhlpfarrer and the students of the local high school and the Bretstein local community on the "Sub-camp Bretstein" project.
    Further activities include maintaining contact with former prisoners of the camp and researching its history. The organisation also organises cultural events and aims to reach the widest possible audience with their work.
  • St. Lambrecht Foundation
    There is no local group on St. Lamprecht in the strictest sense, however the Benedictine monastery organises occasional memorial initiatives, in some cases working together with other institutions.
  • Mauthausen Komitee Wagna/Leibnitz
  • Initiative beim ehem. KZ-Außenlager Eisenerz - Gedenkstätte am Präbichl
  • Zukunft braucht Erinnerung (Gleisdorf)
  • Gedenkinititaitve Graz-Liebenau

Other local groups in

  • Initiative beim ehem. KZ-Außenlager Peggau