Present day Carinthia had two sub-camps of the concentration camp Mauthausen on the Loibl Pass, a further camp can be found in what is now Slovenian territory.

Peršmanhof was not a sub-camp of Mauthausen, instead the location of a Nazi massacre at the very end of the war and is today a memorial site.

Two organisations - kuland and Memorial Villach - are engaged in the work relating to many aspects of the Nazi regime in Carinthia, for example researching the biographies of victims.

The Sub-Camps of Mauthausen

  • Loiblpass (North and South)
    In June 1943 work began on the Loibl tunnels, tunnels which still exist today. A camp was built at both the North and South of the site.
  • Klagenfurt Lendorf
    In November 1943 the city district Lendorf in Klagenfurt also began building works, building SS barracks that are still in use by the Austrian Army today.

Local groups

  • Mauthausen Committee Carinthia/Koroška
    The "Mauthausen Committee Carinthia/Koroška" group was founded in 1995 by engaged academics from the University of Klagenfurt under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Peter Gstettner. The most important aims of the groups are the building of a suitable memorial at the Loibl Pass, as well carrying out important memorial work in the form of commemorative events, excursions and public lectures.
  • Društvo Organisation Peršman
    There has been a museum in Peršmanhof since the early 1980s that tells the history of the anti-Fascist resistance and the massacre that occurred there, as well as annual memorial ceremonies and events. The history of resistance in Carinthia is inseparable from the Carinthian-Slovenian minority.
  • kuland Organisation
    kuland – "Organisation for Cultural and Information Diversity" is active in the Upper Drautal in researching the regional history of persecution and resistance in the Nazi period. The aim of the organisation is to document the biography of the 20 known victims of Nazi persecution from the area, as well as the experiences of survivors.
  • Memorial Organisation Villach
    Founded in 1994, the organisation "Memorial Villach" seeks to make aspects of the Nazi past more present on the streets of Villach and part of the public consciousness. The most visible and important outcome of this work to date has been the "Memorial of Names" which was unveiled in Spring 1999 and details the names, birthdate, date and place of death for every man, woman and child from Villach murdered by the Nazis.
  • Memorial Organisation Gailtal
    The aim of the organisation is principally to ensure that the victims of the Nazi regime are a part of the collective memory. Academic research is the backbone of their work.

Other initiatives in

  • St. Veit im Jauntal
  • Rosegg