Local Groups

The Mauthausen system was made up of the main camp in Mauthausen and a network of sub-camps in almost all the federal states in Austria. Local groups have existed in many of the places were the sub-camps could be found for decades, working to investigate and communicate the local history and to organise memorial events and coordinate anti-Fascist work.

The Austrian Mauthausen Committee is a centre of excellence and an information platform, coordinating many local and regional groups. We take our responsibilities very seriously and would not be able to carry out our work without our partners and their invaluable work.

Mauthausen is not only a place in Upper Austria – with its sub-camps Mauthausen is represented almost throughout all of Austria. It is therefore essential that our work be carried out in cooperation with our partners all over Austria and in the broadest way possible.

The following pages offer an overview for each state in terms of their history and connection to Mauthausen and the local groups that exist there. These local groups are independent and autonomous organisations that work in close cooperation with the Austrian Mauthausen Committee. These groups exist thanks to the commendable engagement of many different people, be it individuals, organisations or the support of the local authorities and parishes.