In the state of Salzburg there was a sub-camp of Mauthausen in Schloss Mittersill.

Western Austria (then the Ostmark) was more likely to be included in the network of camps with their headquarters at the Dachau concentration camp, whilst the eastern parts were more likely to come under Mauthausen. In some states there are camps within a few kilometres of each other that came under different jurisdictions, as is the case in Ebensee and the nearby Bad Ischl.

The concentration camp for women prisoners in Austria came under Ravensbrück and was later to come under Mauthausen. This was also the case for the Mittersill sub-camp.

Local groups

  • Verein "Freunde des Deserteursdenkmals in Goldegg - Plattform für regionale Erinnerungskultur"
    The association is dedicated to the following tasks: Promotion of the memory of the victims of National Socialism in Goldegg, especially of the "Sturm" on July 2, 1944, in Goldegg-Weng. Creation of public places of remembrance. Research on the victims and perpetrators of July 2, 1944. Support of the virtual memorial on the Internet. Update of the "Desertion" topic. Exhibitions and Excursions. Media relations. Issuing of publications. Public events. Cooperation with public institutions dedicated to the historical reappraisal of the National Socialist era.