Lower Austria

Numerous sub-camps of Mauthausen were in the modern-day Lower Austria, parts of which were included in the Greater Vienna area during the Nazi period. From 1943 there were further sub-camps were built in areas associated with the armaments industry.

The Sub-camps of Mauthausen (in chronological order)

  • Schwechat-Heidfeld
    Peak number of prisoners: 2600, Armaments, Founded: 1943
  • Wiener Neudorf
    Peak number of prisoners: 3000, Armaments, Founded: 1943
  • Wiener Neustadt
    Peak number of prisoners: 1000, Armaments, Founded: 1943
  • Hinterbrühl
    Peak number of prisoners: unknown, Armaments, Founded: 1944
  • Hirtenberg (Women's Camp)
    Peak number of prisoners: 400, Ammunition Production, Founded: 1944
  • Melk
    Peak number of prisoners: 10300, Shaft construction and armaments, Founded: 1944
  • Schwechat-Santa
    Peak number of prisoners: unknown, Armaments, Founded: 1944
  • St. Aegyd am Neuwalde
    Peak number of prisoners: 300, Motor production, Founded: 1944
  • St. Valentin
    Peak number of prisoners: 1500, Armaments, Founded: 1944
  • Amstetten (Men's Camp)
    Peak number of prisoners: 3000, Responsible for clearing areas after air raids, Founded: 1945
  • Amstetten (Women's Camp)
    Peak number of prisoners: 500, Responsible for clearing areas after air raids, Founded: 1945

Local groups

  • MERKwürdig. A Series of Events to Combat Violence and Forgetting
    The events in the MERKwürdig (worthy of remembering) series began in 1994 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the first prisoner arriving in Melk on 21st April 1944. The organisation worked with several different forms of artistic expression to develop a new model for memorial work, a model of memory that doesn't just remember, but also asked questions of the present perspectives, contemporary society and new ways of generating discussion.
  • Memorial organisation (Ge)•Denk•Verein (Sub-camp Guntramsdorf/Wiener Neudorf)
    The memorial organisation in Guntramsdorf was founded in 2005 with the aim of improving the research and level of knowledge about the sub-camp Guntramsdorf/Wiener Neudorf, of which generally very little is known.
  • GISTA - Sub-camp St. Aegyd am Neuwalde
    The organisation "Memorial Initiative Sub-camp St. Aegyd am Neuwalde" (GISTA) is dedicated on the one hand to the investigation of the camp's history, whilst on the other hand working to ensure that the events are properly memorialised on site. In pursuit of these aims, the organisation regularly works together with local education institutions on joint projects.
  • Mauthausen Komitee St. Valentin
  • Verein Gedenkstätte Hadersdorf
  • Initiative beim ehem. KZ-Außenlager Wr. Neustadt
  • Initiative beim ehem. KZ-Außenlager Amstetten
  • Initiative beim ehem. KZ-Außenlager Hinterbrühl
  • Initiative beim ehem. KZ-Außenlager Schwechat

Other local groups in

  • Initiative beim ehem. KZ-Außenlager Hirtenberg