Mauthausen Committee Austria

Our organization is non-political and non-religious. We advocate a free and democratic society and the protection of human rights for all, regardless of nationality, political persuasion or religion and work to fight against all forms of fascism, racism, right-wing extremism, chauvinism and anti-semitism.

Our supporting organizations are the three founding organizations: the ÖGB (Austrian Trade Union Federation), the Conference of Roman-Catholic Bishops and the Austrian Jewish Community.

Anybody supporting the aims of the organization can become a member. The statutes offer a detailed description of the structure and organizational aspects of the MKÖ.

A general meeting takes places every two years, at which time a new board is elected and other official activities are undertaken.

The board of the MKÖ meets several times a year for a board meeting, which is held together with the board of the Austrian Association of Mauthausen Survivors.

The current board is made up of the following people

  • Willi Mernyi, Chair
  • Mag. Josef Pumberger, Financial referent
  • Mag. Raimund Fastenbauer, Board member
  • Benjamin Nägele, Board member
  • Verena Mayrhofer, Board member
  • Mario Roitmair, Board member
  • Mag. Martin Kranzl-Greinecker, Board member
  • Johannes Sieder, Board member
  • Dr. Robert Eiter, Regional Representative MKÖ North
  • currently unoccupied, Regional Representative MKÖ South
  • Alexander Hauer, Regional Representative MKÖ East
  • Manfred Morokutti, BA, State Coordinator MKÖ Carinthia
  • Dr. Ludwig Popper, State Coordinator Burgenland
  • Nikolina Franjkic, State Coordinator Vienna
  • currently unoccupied, State Coordinator Styria

The Founders Advisory Board

Former bishop Dr.h.c. Maximillian Aichern
Dr. Luitgard Derschmidt, former President of Kath. Aktion Austria
Roswitha Bacher, former Executive Secretary of the ÖGB
Monika Kemperle, former Executive Secretary of the ÖGB

The Board of Trustees of the MKÖ brings together the following public figures

  • Erzbischof Dr. Franz Lackner, Chair of the Conference of Roman-Catholic Bishops
  • Wolfgang Katzian, President of the Austrian Trade Union Federation
  • Oskar Deutsch, Head of the Jewish Community
  • Univ. Katja Sturm-Schnabl, Representative of the Slovenian Cultural Association
  • Prof. Wolfgang J. Bandion, Austrian Association of Mauthausen Survivors
  • Christian Klippl, Representative of the Austrian Roma and Sinti
  • Dr. Gerald Netzl, Federation of Social Demodratic Freedom Fighters, Vicitims of Fascism and Active Antifascists
  • KR Dr. Gerhard Kastelic, Speaker for the Austrian People’s Party Victims Association
  • Willibald Kalcher, National Association of Austrian Anti-fascists, Resisters and Victims of Fascism – Camp Community Federation
  • Albert Dlabaja, Chair of the Association of Buchenwald Survivors
  • Markus Steup, BA, Board member HOSI - Homosexuelle Initiative
  • Prodekan Prof. Rudolf Prokschi, Chair of the Ecumenical Council of the Churches in Austria
  • Erzbischof Dr. Arsenios Kardamakis, Greek Orthodox Community
  • Bischofsvikar Dr. Nicolae Dura, Romanian Orthodox Church
  • Bischof Mag. Michael Chalupka, Protestant Church Community
  • Oberkirchenrat Mag. Richard Schreiber, Evangelical Reformed Church Austria
  • Superintendent Stefan Schröckenfuchs, Methodist Church
  • Renate Anderl, President of the Camber of Labour
  • Bürgermeister Dr. Michael Ludwig, Mayor of Vienna
  • Dkfm. Dr. Franz Vranitzky, Former Chancellor of Austria
  • Dr. Heinz Fischer, Former Austrian President
  • Alois Stöger, Member of Parliament
  • Mag. Dr. Gerhard Baumgartner, Scientific Director of DÖW (Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance
  • Mag.a Hannah M. Lessing, General Secretary of the Republic of Austria National Fund
  • Julian Christian, State Youth Representative

Spokespersons for the founding organizations

  • Dr. Manfred Scheuer, Bishop of the Diocese of Linz
  • Oskar Deutsch, Jewish Communitysraelitische Kultusgemeinde
  • Wolfgang Katzian, President of the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions


  • Mag.a Ingrid Zangenfeind
  • Martin Kargl
  • Heinz Hödl