Austrian Association of Mauthausen Survivors

Mauthausen concentration camp and its 49 sub-camps were never camps intended for Austrian prisoners. With the exception of the very first months, Austrian prisoners were in the minority. When the camp was liberated on 5th May 1945, of the roughly 80,000 liberated prisoners only 500 were Austrian.

Nevertheless, the Austrian survivors of the camp were important local partners in Austria for all the victims and families of victims. They acted as local representatives for issues of the International Victims Federation.

In 1964 the Austrian Association of Mauthausen Survivors (ÖLM), having until then been a group within the Concentration Camp Federation, was officially established as an independent association for former prisoners of the Mauthausen concentration camp.

For decades the management of the Mauthausen memorial site and the ÖLM worked closely together. The ÖLM functionaries Hans Maršalek and Kurt Hacker worked until 1986 as the civil servants responsible within the State Ministry for Internal Affairs. The roles have been separated since 1986.

Today the organisation includes fewer former concentration camp prisoners – many have already passed away, or are unable to be as active as they once were due to ill health. Since the 1980, the ÖLM has sought to attract younger, engaged members.

The ÖLM has worked for many years in close collaboration with MKÖ, which was named as its official successor organisation in 2000. The survivers passed their legacy to Mauthausen Committee Austria. Despite this transfer of responsibilities, the ÖLM is still an authoritative presence in Austria and remains active in their publishing activities (books and brochures), as well as in their cooperation with the Comité International de Mauthausen and MKÖ in organising the annual commemorative events to mark the liberation of Mauthausen.

Until recently, former prisoners visited schools or gave tours around the Mauthausen memorial site; unfortunately, their failing health has prevented survivors from continuing these taxing activities.

The ÖLM Board includes the following people

  • Willi Mernyi, chair
  • Albert Langanke, Vice-chair
  • Mag. Josef Pumberger, Vice-chair and Financial Affairs
  • Prof. Wolfgang J. Bandion, Secretary
  • Mag. Ruth Steiner, Board Member
  • Fritz Käferböck-Stelzer, Board Member


  • Helmut Edelmayr LAbg.a.D.
  • Alexander Hauer


Austrian Association of Mauthausen Survivors
Obere Donaustraße 97/4/5, 1020 Wien