Teaching history in 2018 using an app to visit satellite camps

Knowledge dissemination, especially to young people, is an important part of the work of Mauthausen Committee Austria (MKÖ). On 8 August 2018, in remembrance of the construction of CC Mauthausen 80 years ago and as a warning, Mauthausen Committee launched the Mauthausen Satellites App with information, photos and videos about the history of the camps and their survivors. An important mission of Mauthausen Committee is to teach young people history with interactive and innovative methods.

Digital knowledge dissemination with Mauthausen Satellites App

For each of the 49 locations of satellite camps of Mauthausen, the new app enables you to invoke information about the history of the former camp (e.g., origin, topography, forced labor, perpetrators, victims, and closure or liberation). In addition, historical and current photos, aerial photos of the sites, and short videos and interviews of survivors visualize the history of the satellite camps. Eyewitnesses tell about their experiences and fates, and about the time after 1945 and the importance of working toward “Never again”.

23 interactive Tours of satellite camps

You can explore the former satellite camps using 23 interactive virtual tours. The tours provide additional information about individual stations on the tour and the grounds; they can be employed individually on your smartphone and from anywhere. This enables you to study the topic at home.
To augment the information about former satellite camps, via Mauthausen Committee you can book a guided tour with certified Mauthausen satellite camp guides www.mauthausen-guides.at . The guides have been in service since 2011 and accompany visitors to the satellite camps on site as well as through the entire preparatory and follow-up stages.

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"denk mal wien" tours as audio-guides on Hearonymus

With the support of Hearonymus, Mauthausen Committee offers four “denk mal wien” tours as audio-guides.
The four thematic tours place their historical focus on the history of the republic and the Nazi period while continuously making reference to the present. The tour “We are heroes” explores the honoring of heroes through history up to today. How it is possible to divide a society is a focus of “We and the others”. In over 60 short videos, eyewitnesses Käthe Sasso, Richard Wadani and Rudi Gelbard talk about their experiences at the sites of the tour stations and about Austria after 1945. You can also hear fifty biographies of both eyewitnesses and perpetrators along with numerous quotes.
For a more in-depth experience, we recommend a tour with our "denk mal wien" guides.

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