Memorial & Liberation Commemorations 2017

"Internationality Unites"

"In memory of the blood shed by all peoples, in memory of the millions of brothers assassinated by
Nazi-Fascism, we solemnly swear to never abandon this path. We want to erect the most beautiful
monument that one could dedicate to the soldiers who have fallen for the cause of freedom of the
international community on a secure basis: A world of free men!
We direct ourselves to the entire world, shouting: help us in this work!
Long live international solidarity!
Long live freedom!"

(extract from the Mauthausen Oath)

To commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of Mauthausen Concentration Camp, the Mauthausen Committee Austria – in cooperation with both national (Austrian Camp Community Mauthausen) and international (Comité International de Mauthausen) partners – will be organising the international memorial and liberation events. As over 90% of the victims of Mauthausen Concentration Camp were neither German nor Austrian, the commemorative events have a particular international significance and represent the largest memorial and liberations events of their kind. This year they will be taking place on:

Sunday, May 7th 2017, 11am – 1pm
in the Mauthausen Memorial

This theme for the commemoration and liberation events this year will be "Internationality unites".

Starting last year, instead of beginning with a march of national and international delegates, the march of all participants at the end of the ceremonial portion of the commemorations is now the highlight – similar to the initial liberation commemorations by concentration camp survivors. In close cooperation with the Comité International de Mauthausen and the many diplomatic representatives, the previous "one after another" of the different delegations has instead become a firm message of "everyone, together". As well as the international liberation commemorations at Mauthausen, numerous other memorial events will be held at the sites of former sub-camps of Mauthausen.

Program of Memorial and Liberation Commemorations 2017
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