FPÖ parliamentarian confirms correctness of "Isolated cases" brochure

Press release 06 Oct. 2017

Mauthausen Committee defends itself against libel:
FPÖ parliamentarian now confirms correctness of "Isolated cases" brochure

The FPÖ tactic of denying unpleasant truths as "fake news" now failed when it collided with reality.

Background: In August 2017 Mauthausen Committee Austria (MKÖ) published the brochure "Only isolated cases?" to depict 59 extreme right-wing activities by FPÖ politicians. (Recently this documentation was extended by nine additional "isolated cases" over the past eight weeks.)

Manfred Haimbuchner, FPÖ lieutenant governor of Upper Austria (who himself appears in the brochure because he honored a high SS officer in a ceremonial address) stated: "I think nothing of Mauthausen Committee." His party buddy, Upper Austrian National Council delegate Gerhard Deimek, supported him on his Twitter account: "Since the publication of the cases is fake & lies, Haimbucher (sic!) is right." Deimek also appears in the brochure – for disseminating inciting propaganda.

Mauthausen Committee, which represents the legacy of the survivors of Concentration Camp Mauthausen, refused to accept the allegation of fake and lies. MKÖ attorney Maria Windhager demanded that Deimek sign a cease-and-desist declaration and post his revocation on Twitter. Deimek had no choice but to fully renounce his accusation and thus confirm the correctness of the "Isolate cases" brochure. Naturally he must also pay the attorney fees and court costs.

This humbling revisit is an embarrassment and humiliation not only for Deimek and Haimbuchner, but for the entire FPÖ. "We welcome that an FPÖ parliamentarian understands how justified the criticism of the extreme right-wing activities of his party is," says MKÖ Chairman Willi Mernyi. "If other high-ranking FPÖ members follow suit and appropriate improvement of action follows their insight, then perhaps the FPÖ can after all mutate into a democratic party without ideological roots in a dismal past."

Unterlassungs- und Verpflichtungserklärung von Abg. DI Deimek