Photo action accompanying the Festival of Joy and the International Liberation Ceremony

Fotoaktion Fest der Freude 2017Fotoaktion Internationale Befreiungsfeier 2017

The International Liberation Ceremony at the concentration camp memorial Mauthausen will take place on 7 May 2017 at 11:00. On the following day at 19:30, we will celebrate the fifth Festival of Joy on the occasion of the unconditional surrender of the German army and the official end of World War II.

May 8 is a day of joy celebrating the end of Nazi rule in Europe. Join us on this day of liberation to send a positive message via the Internet:

This year the Memorial and Liberation Ceremonies are dedicated to "Internationality connects". Since over 90% of the victims of the concentration camp Mauthausen were neither German nor Austrian, our commemoration of the victims of the concentration camp Mauthausen and its satellite camps takes on international importance. The Mauthausen Oath reminds us to anchor internationality as our foremost guiding principle. This photo action will run until December 2017. Join us to take a stand for internationality in the Internet:

For both actions:

Step 1. Make a selfie.
Step 2. Upload it.
Step 3. Enter your e-mail address, so that we can express our thanks.

If you are with us on this, then even before the ceremony you will help to spread joy and take a stand for togetherness and internationality. With this project, we seek to counter the widespread hate and negative postings of our time.