Program Memorial and Liberation Ceremonies

The implementation of the planned commemoration and liberation ceremonies depends on the development of the Covid-19 virus and the official requirements.

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Sunday, 16. May 2021
Mauthausen Memorial, Erinnerungsstraße 1
Virtuelle Internationale Gedenk und Befreiungsfeier 2020

International Liberation Ceremony 2021 "Destroyed Diversity"

Sunday, 16th of May 2021, will be the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Mauthausen Concentration Camp. On the occasion of the liberation of Mauthausen Concentration Camp, the International Commemoration and Liberation Ceremony will take place at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial again - this time in the form of a commemorative procession with a reduced number of participants. The official requirements of the Covid-19 measures will be taken into account here. In order to still make the liberation cermony accessible to a wide audience, the commemoration will be streamed live on the online channels of the Mauthausen Committee Austria and broadcast by ORF III. The annual theme of the 2021 commemoration and liberation ceremonies is dedicated to the diversity of victim groups persecuted by the National Socialists. The International Liberation Celebration is the largest commemoration and liberation celebration worldwide.

More information on the broadcast, travel and schedule at:

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Monday, 25. January 2021
Waffen-SS-Monument, Stillfüssing

Commemoration of the victims of National Socialism

On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day, an invitation is extended to a vigil for the victims of National Socialism. The many millions of people murdered by the terror regime will be remembered! A grave in Stillfüssing, where 13 fallen Waffen-SS are buried, serves as a memorial and pilgrimage site for right-wing extremists.

Thursday, 4. February 2021
Monument for Peace, Anton-Riepl-Straße

Commemoration at the memorial for peace

Due to Covid-19 measures instead of a Commemoration Ceremony with audience, a video is being made which will be broadcast on regional TV stations on February 1. For more information visit:

Memorial Stone, Hauptstraße 7

Commemoration of the "Euthanasia Murders"

Due to Covid-19 measures instead of a Commemoration Ceremony with audience, a video is being made which will be broadcast on regional TV stations on February 1. For more information visit:

Friday, 5. February 2021
Virtual hike,
ZeitgeschichtlicheWanderung-perspektiveMauthausen-(c) Walter Hofstätter

Virtual hike

and subsequent contemporary witness talk with Anna HACKL. In accordance with the Covid protection measures, this year the hike will take place virtually. Starting from the Mauthausen Memorial concentration camp the hike will follow the steps of the concentration camp prisoners who escaped in the night of February 1st to 2nd, 1945. The historical walk will end at the home of the Langthaler family where the opportunity to talk to Anna HACKL is given. Find all information and links regarding participation at:; If you would like to participate in contemporary witness talk please register via

Wednesday, 17. February 2021
Virtual Ash Wednesday, Youtube Channel of the Welser Initiative gegen Faschismus

Political Ash Wednesday

Due to Covid-19 measures, the annual event "Political Ash Wednesday" will be held online with a contribution by former Federal Chancellor Franz VRANITZKY. Antifa will not be stopped by Corona and will stage the successful Ash Wednesday political format for the 11th time this year. The Welser initiative against fascism will upload the video on the coming Ash Wednesday at 6:00 pm on its online channel. Click here for the virtual plattform.

Contact: Werner RETZL, Chairman:; Christian STÖBICH, Treasurer:

Saturday, 27. March 2021
Virtual Conference,

Virtual Conference - "Future as a Threat? Future as an opportunity!"

With right-wing populism, anti-feminism, anti-semitism, racism and conspiracy theories, the mood is set against democracy, freedom and diversity. How and where have our democracy and our democratic society changed under the influence of the "Corona crisis"? Will the crisis divide our society even more or will it make it more just? The virtual papers are also meant to be a critical gauge of what populist, autocratic, inhumane conditions and structures have crept in or intensified in recent months.

Sunday, 28. March 2021
Virtual Commemoration,

Virtual Commemoration ceremony for all victims of the construction of the South-east wall

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the commemoriation ceremony for all victims of the Südostwallbau will not take place as usual at the Kreuzstadl in Rechnitz this year. A video of the commemorative act (contributors among others: Paul GULDA, Chairman of the RE.F.U.G.I.U.S. Association; Schlomo HOFMEISTER, Rabbi; Martin KRAMELHOFER, Mayor of Rechnitz; Bogdan LAKETIC, Accordion) is available on the website.

Thursday, 1. April 2021
Service-Center Gleisdorf
Radtour-Service-Center-Gleidsdorf (c) MKÖ Wolfgang Seereiter
13:00 - 18:00

Contemporary history bike tour "Solidarity in April 1945"

An East Styrian family as life savers of Hungarian-Jewish forced laborers. Expertly accompanied by Engelbert KREMSHOFER, book author and regional researcher.

Planned route: Gleisdorf, Nitscha, Prebuch, Groß Pesendorf, Prebensdorf, Gnies, Dörfl, Gschmaier - route length 31km. Return parallel to the B65 - route length 19km.


Monday, 5. April 2021
Maria Caesar Park, memorial plaque at the Grünanger, Angergasse 78
Gedenkfeier-Graz-Libenau copyright MKOE

Commemoration for the victims of the death march of Hungarian Jewish women in the Liebenau camp, the forced laborers and the women who underwent forced abortions and medical experiments

Program: Christoph WUNDRAK, flugelhorn; Dr. Rainer POSSERT, welcome; speeches: Univ.Prof. Barbara STELZL-MARX, L. Boltzmann Institute Graz; HR Dr. Heinz ANDERWALD, member of the Jewish community Graz.

Current Covid-19 measures will be observed at the memorial service.


Saturday, 10. April 2021
Protestant Church, St.Margarethenstr. 4

Memorial walk

along the prisoners’ path from their workplaces to the former camp grounds.