Memorial and Liberation Ceremonies

The implementation of the planned commemoration and liberation ceremonies depends on the development of the Covid-19 virus and the official requirements.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp, the International Commemoration and Liberation Ceremony will occur on Sunday, 10 May 2020, from 11:00 until ca. 13:00. The event with the topical focus "Humanity without borders" will be conducted on the grounds of the Mauthausen Memorial.

From 1946 the International Commemoration and Liberation Ceremonies were organized by survivors and their organizations, Mauthausen Committee Austria has stepped in as their successor organization.

The International Commemoration and Liberation Ceremony is the largest such ceremony worldwide. Tens of thousands of visitors from Austria and abroad, including the last survivors of Mauthausen Concentration Camp and its satellite camps, as well as numerous young people participate each year in this ceremony.

International Liberation and Commemoration Ceremony 2020

ab 08:00 Uhr Ceremonies at the national memorials
09:45 Uhr

Ecumenical relogious service
with Diocesan Bishop Dr. Manfred SCHEUER, Bishop Mag. Michael CHALUPKA and Metropolitan Dr. Arsenios KARDAMAKIS; musical accompaniment: Musica Viva, choir of the parish Mauthausen, led by Alfred HOCHEDLINGER.

11:00 Uhr

International liberation ceremony
The joint memorial ceremony begins with the reading of the Mauthausen Oath in various languages.
Speakers: Willi MERNYI, Chairman of the Mauthausen Committee Austria, Guy DOCKENDORF, President of the Comité International de Mauthausen
Presented by: Konstanze BREITEBNER, Mercedes ECHERER
Musical accompaniment by the "Widerstand" ensemble

ca. 12:45 Uhr Joint departure parade

Commemoration and liberation celebrations throughout Austria in 2020

In addition to the main ceremony in Mauthausen, each year sees over 110 memorial events at locations of former satellite camps of Mauthausen CC and other sites of Nazi terror throughout Austria. Most of these events are organized by local associations and initiatives in close cooperation with Mauthausen Committee Austria. Tens of thousands of people send an impressive signal every year for "Never again!".

All memorial events for 2020 are posted in the current program of memorial and liberation events 2020.

Travel to the International Memorial and Liberation Ceremony at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial

Shuttle Service

On the day of the liberation ceremony, bus service will be provided from the Danube Donaupark in Mauthausen at short intervals, with several Postbus buses running to and from the memorial site. At the parking lots there will be a central boarding and exit point. Please follow the signs and the instructions of the security people. Also at the memorial there will be a central exit and reboarding point and a loop for the buses. This allows you to get on and off much closer to the memorial than in the past. The buses will circulate constantly from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., so that the arrival and departure of all visitors to the memorial service will be possible without any problems. The shuttle bus service is of course free of charge.

  • Cars without authorization cards can park without exception in the parking areas around the Donaupark. Access to the memorial site by car is not possible on the day of the Ceremony. All visitors with cars will be directed to the marked parking lots. Please follow the signs and the instructions of security people.
  • Buses can drive as usual to the memorial and let their passengers exit and later reboard.
  • From Mauthausen railway station, you can reach the shuttle bus boarding point at Donaupark within a few minutes on foot. Alternatively, bus 361 runs from the station forecourt (direction Linz Hbf) one stop to Vormarktstraße/Donaupark.

Bus connection from/to Linz

Linienbus 361 (ab 04.04.2020 bis 01.11.2020)


ab Linz/Donau Hbf (Busterminal)

Gusen Bachstraße (Memorial Gusen)

an Mauthausen Memorial

daily (also on saturday, sunday and public holidays)

8:45 / 11:45 / 12:45 / 14:45

9:12 / 11:12 / 13:12 / 15:12

9:21 / 11:21 / 13:21 / 15:21


ab Mauthausen Memorial

Gusen Bachstraße (Memorial Gusen)

an Linz/Donau Hbf (Busterminal)

daily (also on saturday, sunday and public holidays)

9:30 / 11:30 / 13:30 / 15:30

9:38 / 11:38 / 13:38 / 15:38

10:05 / 12:05 / 14:05 / 16:00

Bus 360 and 361 from the railway station Mauthausen

  •     Bus stop: Mauthausen Linzerstraße/Hauptschule, from there follow the signposted footpath to the Mauthausen Memorial, approx. 1.8 km uphill.
  •     Bus stop: Mauthausen Linzerstraße/Wasserwerk, from there follow the road up to the Mauthausen Memorial, approx. 1.4 km uphill.

Information on Bustimetables

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In 2000, Mauthausen Committee Austria stepped in to assume the legacy of the survivors of Mauthausen Concentration Camp, focusing on the motto “Never again”. Mauthausen Committee Austria is active across the nation, active in national and international network, and present in the media.

As in past years, despite the financial support of the CC Memorial and the Austrian provinces, the costs of organizing and conducting the Memorial and Liberation Ceremonies are by far not covered. Therefore we kindly invite you to make a donation as your clear signal to enable the continuation of our work (bank account for donations: IBAN: AT62 1400 0100 1067 4528 BIC:BAWAATWW).

The "Mauthausen Satellite Camp App" by Mauthausen Committee Austria provides free information, photos and videos about the history of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp system for everyone. Not only digitally native youth but also historically interested persons of all ages can now engage in virtual visits to all Mauthausen satellite camps.

We look forward to numerous participants at the International Liberation Ceremony.

    Commemoration and Liberation Ceremonies

    "In memory of the blood shed by all peoples, in memory of the millions of brothers assassinated by Nazi-Fascism, we solemnly swear to never abandon this path. We want to erect the most beautiful monument that one could dedicate to the soldiers who have fallen for the cause of freedom of the international community on a secure basis: A world of free men! We direct ourselves to the entire world, shouting: help us in this work!" (Excerpt from Mauthausen Oath)

    Survivors of Mauthausen concentration camp and sub-camps were liberated by US troops at the beginning of May 1945. Since 1946 the Liberation Ceremony has been organized and conducted by survivors and their organizations. As successor organization to the Austrian Association of Mauthausen Survivors, Mauthausen Committee Austria has taken on this task. The events serve as an act of memorial for the victims of Nazi terror and persecution, as well as a rallying call against all kinds of intolerance, dictatorship, xenophobia and anti-Semitism: a moment of solidarity with victims of the past and present. Each year since 2006, the Memorial and Liberation Ceremonies have been dedicated to a specific theme related to the history of CC Mauthausen or Austria’s Nazi past. Each annual theme has a direct reference to the present as an essential aspect and aims to establish a relation today’s personal realm of experience, especially for young people.

    Because over 90% of the victims were neither Germans nor Austrians, we vest international importance in the remembrance of the victims of Mauthausen concentration camp and its satellite camps. Die International Memorial and Liberation Ceremony is by far the largest memorial and liberation ceremony worldwide. Tens of thousands of people participate annually, including the last living survivors of the Mauthausen concentration camp and its satellite camps, from Austria and abroad, including numerous young people.

    The Austrian Mauthausen Committee organise the events together with his partner organisation Austrian Association of Mauthausen Survivors, Comité International de Mauthausen and other organisations. In addition to the liberation ceremony in Mauthausen, each year numerous memorial ceremonies are held at locations of former satellite camps of CC Mauthausen and other locations of Nazi terror; annually over 45,000 participants attend these ceremonies. The current Event Preview for Memorial and Liberation Ceremonies 2019 is attached and also available for download at

    The distribution of memorial and cultural events throughout the region is particularly appropriate to highlight how comprehensive the concentration camp system was and to avoid a focus solely on the Mauthausen site. The history of the sub-camps is closely tied to European history – in these camps thousands of people were worked to death through forced labour in the production of armaments.

    Each year since 2006 the commemorative events have followed a central theme

    • 2019: Never a number. Forever human.
    • 2018: Escape and Home
    • 2017: Internationality Unites
    • 2016: International Solidarity
    • 2015: Quarry and Forced Labour
    • 2014: Worthy of life
    • 2013: Rescuers
    • 2012: Racist Persecution – from exclusion to annihilation. The persecution of the European Jews and the Roma and Sinti.
    • 2010: Children and young people in Mauthausen Concentration Camp
    • 2009: Resistance to National Socialism on religious grounds
    • 2008: European Resistance and Mauthausen Concentration Camp
    • 2007: Artists and Academics in Mauthausen Concentration Camp
    • 2006: Women in Mauthausen Concentration Camp

    Photo gallery Memorial and Liberation Ceremonies

    Mauthausen Oath

    International Memorial and Liberation Ceremony 2018 - multilingual reading

    "Is that all forgotten?"

    Walter Dehmel - read by Mercedes Echerer and Konstanze Breitebener